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We Are Canes Venatici

"The Guild was formed at a Free Server Called WOWSCAPE, After a year the Guild was moved to MagicWOW Free Server. The Owner of Canes Venatici was and is Lizzie / DANAIA (LIZ), who plays on Thaurissaan horde US server."

The spark behind the idea for the name Canes Venatici came from one of the 88 official modern constellations. It is a small northern constellation that was created by Johannes Hevelius in the 17th century. Canes Venatici is Latin for "Hunting Dogs", and the constellation is often depicted in illustrations representing the dogs of Boötes the Herdsman, a neighbouring constellation.

Now with some new and our original amazing Canes members, the Guild has reformed at Ragnarous EU Horde with the support of couple of friends whom i thank alot (Simon-Manboost & Jonathan-Etonji). Earlier, the plan was to create the guild mainly for people from Middle East, but as time passed we tried shouting out on wow armory and other forums as well, and met a couple of guys from Dubai (AV & REX), which encouraged us to recruit more members. 

Our Guild has a great mix of nationalities, and is a proud Social Progressive Guild. Our mission is to make a hub for all players who are looking for a Guild which is just not a hardcore raiding guild, but also a place where they can enjoy and be a part of memorable raids, dungeons & awesome guild achievements. 

Our Guild is all about fun, we don't tolerate any abuse from members towards others who may not know a spell or don’t know how to interrupt the mob spell. We all are grown ups, we play the game like a game. Respecting each and every player whether they wipe or succeed.


(Use to be known as Raidershells in old servers)
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